Apple MacBook Pro Power Up & Unlock At The Same Time

Apple MacBook fans have been waiting for Apple to upgrade the Apple MacBook Pro for the longest time but so far, we still have not heard from Apple yet. However, most people believe that we will be seeing a new Apple MacBook Pro this year.

It is unlike Apple to keep their devices so behind time and with them having so many new techs to offer right now, it is just a matter of time before Apple releases a new MacBook Pro with all the new tech.

One of the new techs that we can probably expect to see on the new Apple MacBook Pro is the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. New reports are now suggesting that instead but a plain Touch ID button, the new Touch Id tech will be integrated into the power button so that users can turn on their MacBook Pro and log in with their fingerprint at the last time.

It has also been reported that the USB ports will not be replaced with the USB-C ports as well.

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