Apple MacBook Pro: More Reason To Hate On It

You can bet that people are waiting for any hint that the Apple MacBook Pro is not as good as Apple wants us to believe and it looks like their wish might have come true as there are already reports about the Trackpad on the Apple MacBook Pro not working as it should.

According to some of the users, the three-finger gesture wich is supposed to bring up Mission Control or swiping between Desktop windows does not work in all areas of the trackpad.

It seems like the gesture will only work if you use the center of the trackpad. A few users have already reported that the gesture will not work on the side and some poeple think that it might ave something to do with the palm rejection feature that the trackpad has.

Because of how big in trackpad is now, Apple had to add in a new palm rejection software to stop the trackpad from detecting the palm of the users but it looks like the software might be rejection more than just the palm.

Hopefully, Apple will come out with an explanation and solution soon.

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