Apple MacBook Pro: Another Reason For Haters To Hate

The Apple MacBook Pro have been getting some mix reviews. While some people seems to be very pleased with the upgrade and the new Touchbar, other were not so happy that Apple has decided to take away the important sd slot and now, it looks like there might one other reason why people should think twice about getting the Apple MacBook Pro.

If you are planning to get the Apple MacBook Pro with the TouchBar feature, it is said that the device will com with a soldered SSD which means you won’t be able to upgrade the storage on your MacBook Pro.

The 13inch base Apple MacBook Pro comes with a 256GB interior storage which is not a whole lot and the fact that you are not going to be able to increase its size is not going to sit well with many of their fans.

It has been reported that the MacBook Pro without the Touchbar will have the option to increase its storage.

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