Apple Lightning Ports Given The Green Light For China’s Tech Developers

When it comes to Apple products and accessories, most of them are developed by the company themselves with only a little portion coming from other companies. In China, on the other hand, they simply replicate everything that Apple has created.

The lightning ports, in particular, are among the common counterfeit items sold worldwide. Well, soon the cheaper alternative to the original cable can be obtained officially as Apple is loosening up its exclusivity policy.

This was confirmed yesterday, when Apple took part in the Made For iPhone summit in China. There, the Cupertino-based company claims that it is willing to share the lightning port with OEMs but they will have to observe some rulings when producing the product.

First of all, the OEM-developed lightning ports will have to meet the Made For iPhone standards. Secondly, the lightning ports will have to be used like how Apple wished for it to be.

Such a ruling will mean that it is easier for the thousands of tech manufacturers in China to mass produce lightning ports legally, for the global market. With the MFi policy under observation, it ensures that quality of Apple-supported products and accessories won’t suffer.


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