Apple iWatch Release & How It Can Top Moto 360

Back in September, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the Cupertino-based company failed to highlight on when the wearable will be making its debut.

This is until Apple Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts, who revealed through a video conference that the Apple Watch will be making its debut next year, in spring. Angela said that the Apple Watch will only come after the holiday season and Chinese New Year.

In conjunction with what Angela said, rumours have been teasing that the Apple Watch is aiming to arrive on Valentine’s Day. Then again, the romantic day won’t be taking place in spring. The post-winter season will only commence in March 20.

Market analysts claims that the Apple Watch has been a failure, even before it is released. The fact that the wearable fail to arrive during the epic holiday season is already a failure financially.

Also, the fact that the Apple Watch is going to be something expensive makes it all the less likely to be a global phenomenon. The device is said to retail at $349 and prices can soar to $5,000 for the Gold Edition.

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