Apple iPhone 8 & Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Looking At Samsung For Help

Samsung offering the curved display screen could be the best thing that they have ever done for their smartphones. What was initially thought to be just a gimmick has stuck around longer than we have anticipated and it is clearly working out for them.

With that kind of success, it won’t take long for their rivals to start copying them. New leaked image of what many believe is the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2 suggest that the device might be coming with a curved screen display.

Nikkei Asian Review also reported that the 2017 Apple iPhone possibly called the iPhone 8 could also be coming with a new display and bends on two sides just like the Note 7. There were also reports about Apple working to get these displays from Samsung.

We know that the 2017 Apple iPhone will be coming in with a bigger design upgrade than the 2016 model and this could be one of the upgrades that we will be seeing next year.

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