Apple iPhone 8 Will Cost A Bomb

There are still a lot of speculations about what the Apple iPhone 8 will be offering when it arrives next year but the latest rumor has nothing to do with what the device itself will come with but with its production.

Nikkei reported that Apple might be looking into building their iPhone in the US instead of China in the future. It is believed that this discussion came after Donald Trump won the US Election.

Before he was elected as the new President, Trump did say that he is going to get Apple to build their devices in the US. According to the reports, Foxconn complied but Pegatron declined due to the cost.

If this rumor is true, that could mean that the new Apple iPhone 8 or the iPhones in the future might cost a lot more than what it does now since building them in the US would be more costly than building the devices in China.

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