Apple iPhone 8: Skipping The S

If we were to know the sequence that Apple usually takes when it comes to naming their Apple iPhone, the 2017 model should be called the Apple iPhone 7s but it would not be right since we all know that Apple plans to give the 2017 model a huge upgrade.

Well, it looks like Apple might be skipping the whole Apple iPhone 7s and will jump to 8. According to Business Insider, a staff in Apple confirmed that Apple is not working on the next Apple iPhone and that it is called the iPhone 8.

Of course, we do not know if this source is the real deal or not it made sense for Apple to give it a new number if it does come with major upgrades. Most of the S devices were just a modified version of the previous model so it won’t be right for them to give it an S.

The source also seems to have added that the iPhoe 8 will unlike the last few models and that we can expect to see a better camera. What do you think?

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