Apple iPhone 7s Will Be Next, Not 8

Here is the thing. It has long been speculated that the reason why the Apple iPhone 7 is given so little upgrade is because all the major upgrades will be happening next year when Apple brings out the Apple iPhone 8. That will include features like curved display, wireless charging and more. However, new rumors are now suggesting that instead of an Apple iPhone 8, we will only be getting the Apple iPhone 7s next year.

According to Mac Otakara, Apple is considering keeping the Apple iPhone 7 around for a little longer. The Apple iPhone 7s will come with a similar design although it will be coming in with a few upgrades.

Some reports are saying that there is going to be a new Red version of the Apple iPhoen 7s while others are saying that the Apple iPhoen 7s will be coming in with a new A11 chip.

While some people think that this might be true, other think that it is a fake and that there will be an Apple iPhone 8 next year. Which side are you on?

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