Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Dual Camera Just The Start

There have long been talks about Apple working on three Apple iPhone 7 this year. The Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus as well as the Apple iPhone 7 Pro. It is believed that we will be seeing the first two in September while the iPhone 7 Pro will only be arriving later in the future.

While we might not know when the Pro version will be arriving, new reports are now saying that having a dual camera unit at the back is not going to be the only upgrade the Apple iPhone 7 Pro will be receiving.

According to Business Insider, the Apple iPhone 7 Pro will also be coming in with 3GB RAM and that the top of the range device will also come with better stereo sound and better waterproofing capabilities.

It is also believed that the Pro version might come with a special new color so that it does not get mixed up with the rest of the iPhone 7.

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