Apple iPhone 7 Jet White On The Way?

Apple brought back the Jet Black Apple iPhone 7 this year and now, new reports are suggesting that there might also be a Jet White version of the Apple iPhone 7 as well.

According to MacoTakara, a few suppliers are already talking about Apple’s plan to release a new Jet White Apple iPhone 7 model. However, they also added that the information might not be reliable.

The fact that they are going to call it Jet White is a little suspicious. We get Jet Black but Jet White does not really make sense. Not that these color names have to make any sense.

However, we are sure the new color will be a hit if Apple does decide to release the Apple iPhone 7 with a white exterior casing. It will not be the easiest to care color but we think the Apple iPhone 7 design would look great in White. Protection Status