Apple iPhone 7 Has All Grounds Covered

One of the common problems that people seems to have with their Apple iPhone is the Home button. Since it is used very often, the Home button is often the first to break down and that can be very inconvenient and frustrating.

Well, after years of complaining, it looks like the users finally got through to Apple as it was reveal that Apple might have sneaked in secret features that will help users deal with a broken Home button.

According to MacRumors forum member iWayne, the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus will be coming in with a software feature that will help users deal with the Home button malfunction.

The device will prompt a “The Home Button May Need Service” message if it detects that the Home button is not working properly. It will also suggest their users to start using the small white circle that will appear at the bottom of the display for the time being.

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