Apple iPhone 7: Forget About 6SE

There were rumors saying that the Apple iPhone 7 might not be called the Apple iPhone 7 but an iPhone 6SE model since it won’t be coming with a whole lot of updates but Vodafone might have just confirmed that it will be called the iPhone 7.

Based on Apple past names, the iPhoen this year was suppose to be given a new number but in the past, a new number usually means a huge update and we know that is not going to happen this year.

So people speculated that Apple might be thinking about keeping the 7 until the next major upgrade but according to Vodafone, it will be called the iPhone 7 but of course, we can only be sure when Apple officially announces it. We know that Apple will be officially announcing the Apple iPhone 7 on the 7th of September now so more details should be coming our way real soon.

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