Apple iPhone 7: Fans Demands Fulfilled

Apple iPhone fans were baffled with Apple decided to keep offering the Apple iPhone 6s with 16GB of internal storage. With all the images, videos and apps we have on an average phone right now, 16GB is just not enough for most people.

We know that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 will come with minimal changes but at least they did try to make one of our wishes come through and that is eliminating the 16GB model and possibly offering a model that will come with 256GB of internal storage.

DigiTimes reported that strong demands for iPhone with a bigger storage have prompt Apple to offer the 256GB model although they did not specify if the 256GB storage option will be offered on the all the Apple iPhone 7 model or the top of the range model only.

More details will be reveal when Apple announces the devices early next month.

Steven Estevez

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