Apple iPhone 7: Don’t Throw The Old Headphones Away

You can be sure that Apple has thought of everything before they make any changes to their device. It has been speculated that the Apple iPhone 7 will replace the 3.5mm jack with a single Lightning Port.

That means your older Headphones will not be able to fit in but it looks like Apple has got us covered because a set of new leaked images seems to have revealed that the Apple iPhone 7 will also come with a Lightning Port to 3.5mm port adapter that Apple fans can use to connect their Headphones to.

The cord in the images looks like the real deal but of course, some fans believe that it might be an accessory created by a third party accessory maker. Whoever made this, it is clear that our old headphones can still stay for the time being.

Some fans are hoping that if Apple does remove the 3.5mm port, they would at least offer the Lightning port to 3.5mm port with the Apple iPhone 7 but knowing Apple, we are going to say that they will probably see this as an opportunity to get some extra cash from their users.

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