Apple iPhone 7 Black Won’t Take The Abuse

If you are not one to use your smartphone with care, you might want to stay far away from the new iPhone 7 in matte black. As nice as it looks, the device is just not made to take a tumble with your keys and coin in your pocket.

It was nice to see Apple finally bring the black iPhone back into the market but this time, they brought back two black version. The matte black version and the glossy black version. According to Apple, the matte black version is prone to scratches and buyers are advised to get a protective cover for the device to protect it from scratches.

So what is the purpose of getting the slick new matte black iPhone 7 if you are going to end up covering it up? You could always get the clear version but that will also cover up the matte texture.

If you really want to own a black version, maybe the glossy version is the better option here.

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