Apple iPhone 7: Black Not The Best Option

The Apple iPhone 7 will come with a few exterior color option including a new matte black version. As nice as that is, you might not want to pick up the matte black version if you are not very good with taking care of your smartphone.

Apple has not released a black iPhone for some time now so the fans were happy that they finally decided to bring the black back. However, Apple also added that their new matte black iPhone are more prone to scratches and are advising their customers to get a protector for it if they plan to get the matte black version.

It is nice of them to warn us beforehand but what is the point of getting the matte black version if nobody is going to ever see it. You might argue that you can just get a clear cover but that will still cover up the sleek matte texture on the smartphone.

If you still want to have a black iPhone, the better option would be to get the glossy black version that is slightly more durable.

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