Apple iPhone 7: Audio Jack Ditched

It does feel like Apple is trying to do way with all the ports. We’ve seen what they did on the MacBooks and now some people are suggesting that the iPhone 7 will also come in with fewer ports.

This latest rendering of the iPhone 7 comes from Eric Huismann. The artist came out with a rendering for three iPhone 7 sizes, the Plus version, the standard version as well as the c version.

The overall design looks similar to what Apple has to offer right now, but one thing that is obviously missing from the Apple iPhone 7 is the audio jack. Without the jack, the iPhone 7 is able to go even slimmer now.

Instead of the conventional audio jack, the artist added on the AirPods. The earphones will be connected through wireless connections so no jack will be needed. Check out the rendering and tell us what you think?

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