Apple iPhone 7: Anybody Still Thinking About Jack?

Some fans were clearly not happy when Apple announce that the Apple iPhone 7 will not be coming with a headphone jack but like all the upgrades that Apple have pushed out in the past, we figured that most people would come to terms with it sooner or later. Now that the device has been around for something, is anybody missing the headphone jack?

Well, some users reported that it took them some time to get it in their head that they will have to carry two headphones out if they want to use a headphone with their MacBook and the iPhone 7. If not, they will at least have to remind themselves to carry the adapter out.

Others were also not too happy that they now have to choose to either charge their phone in the car or use Waze or Spotify because obviously you can’t do both at the same time now.

However, a lot of users seems to be doing just fine without the headphone jack. They also added that having a Bluetooth earphone helped solved most of the issue.

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