Apple iPhone 7 Announcement Name Hints At Name

There were some rumors saying that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 might be called the 6SE but it Apple’s decision to announce the device on the 7th could mean that it might be called the iPhone 7 after all.

Apple has not confirmed the event date yet but according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the Apple iPhone 7 unveiling will be happening on the 7th of September. We should be hearing more about the Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus along with the new iOS 10 but you can all forget about the Apple MacBook Pro. According to Gurman, the MacBook Pro will not be making an appearance at the event.

The 7th of September should be an interesting day for tech lovers since Apple will not be only one showing off their new product. Sony has already sent out invites for a Sony event on the same day. While they did not say what it is for, most people believe it is to announce the new Playstation 4 Neo.

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