Apple iPhone 7 AirPod Not That Easy To Lose?

When Apple first reveal the new AirPods, the first reaction the people seems to have was that they will end up losing it all the time and that it will not sit properly in their ears.

Well, Tim Cook has now come out to make things clear to their fans. When he was at Good Morning America, he said that the AirPods is more superior than the EarPods and that he have not been having any issues with them falling off. He added that because there are no wires, there is no weight pulling the headphones down so it does not actually fall off that easily.

It is hard to imagine that a headphone with that shape can actually sit securely in our ear. There is also the issue of misplacing them. These headphones will cost $159 a pair which means it is not something that we can afford to lose all the time.

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