Apple iPhone 6 Get A Taste Of Its Own Medicine

We usually see Apple coming after smartphone manufacturer for copying their design but the table has turned now and it is Baili that is accusing Apple of stealing their design.

Beijing Morning Post reported that a company named Baili is now suing Apple for ripping off the design of their 100C smartphone. They claim that the Apple iPhone 6 design looks identical to the 100C.

Baili manages to convince the Beijing Intellectual Property office that Apple had copied their design that Apple was ordered to take off their devices from the shelf. Knowing Apple, they are not going to sit there and do nothing.

Apple follows up by filing an appeal to keep the smartphones on the shelf. We personally do not see any resemblance between the Apple iPhone 6 and 100C. Check out the image of the 100c and tell us if you see any Apple iPhone 6 in it.

Steven Estevez

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