Apple iPad Without The Huge Price Tag

There have been a lot of talks about the upcoming iPads that Apple is going to offer. DigiTimes has now reported that there is going to be a new 10.5inch Apple iPad .

There were rumors about Apple looking to build a 10.1-inch model a few weeks ago and now this. Many people believe that based on that, it is clear that Apple is working on a 10inch tablet but whether the product will ultimately be a 10.1inch model or a 10.5inch model is a whole other story.

It is believed that Apple is looking to release a device to fill in the huge gap between the 9.7inch device and the 12.9inch device. So that people will have a bigger and yet cheaper (compared to the 12.9inch ) option to consider when they shop for a new Apple iPad.

There were also talks about the 9.7inch Apple iPad coming in with a smaller price tag this time around.


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