Apple iPad Pro 2 Will Only Have 12GB Of Storage Space?

Talks about Apple upgrading the Apple iPad Pro have been going on for some time now but no real evidence was presented until now.

AppleInsider received a set of images from an anonymous source claiming that the device in the image is the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2. If the images are real, the Apple iPad Pro 2 in the images is most likely an early prototype of the device.

From the images, it is clear that the device only had 12GB of storage. While some said that means this is a prototype and that Apple is just using it to test out the new IOS, other think that Apple might be moving towards offering less internal storage since users will be able to use their cloud storage service.

According to the leaker, the device’s model number is MH1C2CD/F. Of course, all of these could be a fake so we would advise you to take it with a pinch of salt. Check out the images here.

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