Apple iOS 10 To Match Android’s Offering

The Apple iOS and the Android OS have a lot in common but there are also a few things that separate the iOS and Android OS and one of them is the Widgets. Google’s Android have always come with Widgets options but that was ever offered by Apple until now.

Now with the iOS 10 Beta available, we know that the upcoming Apple iOS 10 will come with Widgets as well. Widgets options include the weather widget, calendar, Siri app, Music, News, Maps and more.

On Android, these widgets can be fitted onto your home screen but on the Apple iOS, the widgets will appear on your lock screen and can be accessed with a swipe to the right.

The widgets can also be found within the icons of the apps. Like the Favorite widget on the Phone icon and more. It won’t be the same as Android but this is still better than not having any widgets.

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