Apple: Beware Of iPhone 6s Frauds!

Apple is known for being pretty harsh when it comes to fake Apple accessories and parts. The company has already got Amazon to pull down some of the fake Apple accessories from their online store.

They are also suing the another manufacturer for selling the fake Apple accessories. One of Apple main concern right now is also the exploding Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6s that China has reported. According to the reports, some batteries exploded last few month.

It is believed that the devices might have been fitted with replacement batteries that do not meet Apple’s safety measure and that could be why they are exploding but Apple has not really announced that as the main reason why the iPhones are exploding.

Whatever the reason, Apple is now warning their customers on their Support home page to beware of these counterfeit parts and recommends that their customers visit an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider when they want to get a battery replacement.

Steven Estevez

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