Apple Apologizes, Releases Fix

Fans always expect the best when it comes to Apple products so you can imagine how unhappy they were when the whole Error 53 thing started. Luckily, Apple now has a solution for the Error 53 issue.

The fix for the Error 53 will be released with the iOS 9.2.1 patch. It was initially speculated that we might see a new version of the iOS but that is not the case. According to Apple, the Error 53 was designed to be a factory test and it was never made to affect their customers.

The manufacturer has since apologized to their customers and has come out with a new guide to guide their users on how to solve the whole Error 53 issue. Users affected will have to make sure their iOS update to the latest version.

Start by restarting the device and restore it. If the phone still shows Error 53 when restored, the user will have to contact Apple Support.

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