Apple AirPods: All The Hate Did Not Show

Remember when Apple first announce the new Apple AirPods? All people talked about was how ridiculous the Apple AirPods is but it looks like none of that matter because at the end of the day, it is an Apple product and that means people will be lining up to get one when it is ready.

After a long delay, Apple is finally ready to release the new Apple AirPods and if you are thinking of getting one now so that you can use it during the holidays, you can just give up.

When the product first went online, the delivery date was set at the 21st of December which means you can get it just in time for the holiday but moments after it was released, the delivery date was changed to four weeks later.

You can also try to get them from the stores next week but there is probably going to be a long line for it so good luck.

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