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Apple: 2 Music, One Headphone Sounds Ridiculous

The future iPhone 7 might come out with an interesting new feature and it is the ability to play two different songs through a single headphone. This was teased after Apple was spotted filing a patent for the share headphone function.

Our insider revealed that the future headphone will come with an all new look and a special sensor that is fitted at the Y-junction of the headphone’s cable. The sensor will detect if the split angle is wider than normal.

If so, then it will allow iTunes to play two different songs on the same headphone. Each song will be casted to one side of the ear piece and it will be set to mono-mode instead of stereo. This way, the iPhone 7 can bring people closer together but in an awkward manner.

Perhaps, the better idea would be for Apple to introduce a wireless music streaming feature that allows users to play and share music with their nearby friends via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth connectivity.

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