Another Watch Dogs Update, This Time With Loading Screen & Season DLC Patches

Watch Dogs has managed to live up to all the hype that was surrounding the game before it came out. The game has had a good welcome but there are some glitches and issues with it.

There have been some issues with the PS4 version and one of these is that people have complained about some items being missing. Players complained about it being impossible to find the Conspiracy digital trip and the Untouchable packs. This is something that has been fixed now.

You can head over to the PlayStation Store – Games – Addons – See More and you will find the DLC patch there.

At the moment we haven’t come across a fix for the issue with the loading screen and downloading items in Uplay. There is a quick fix and this is to make a backup of your save file, delete Watch Dogs and then reinstall it.

Watch Dogs does happen to be one of the best games on the market at the moment and Sony have done well in promoting it. Ubisoft made a deal with Sony and of course owners of the PS version received extras.

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