Android Gamepad Screams Xperia Play All Over Again

Years ago, Sony tapped on its Playstation brand to produce the Xperia Play. It was basically a smartphone with a controller hidden underneath it. Pulling the controller out will transform the device into a PSP.

Now, history is about to repeat itself with the all new Razer Junglecat. Many mobile games can actually offer more thrill if it has controller support. The Razer Junglecat intends to offer that solution.

With it, users can attach their smartphone to the Junglecat. Doing so will connect both devices automatically. There is that all familiar Xbox-liked button layout on the controller. They are the A, B, X and Y buttons right opposite of the D-pad. Heck, there are even the L and R bumpers at the sides.

While it all sounds great, there is a major flaw to the Razer Junglecat. The fact that it is too bulky will certainly leave an impact on its sales. Unless you are an avid gamer, then you are probably going to have some trouble fitting in an extra 20mm inside your pocket.