Android 5.0 Lollipop Hidden Tricks (List)

Google has released the all-new Android 5.0 Lollipop for smartphones and some users can already enjoy the new OS. The Lollipop arrived with a whole new look and tons of features that it will require some time for users to adapt to it. Today, we are going to list out some hidden functions that not many are aware of. They are as follow.

1. Do Not Disturb
Activating the mode will prevent any messages or notifications from buzzing you. It is also customizable so you can decide on what information and alerts that your phone allows.

2. Tap & Go
It can be really draggy to transfer all your Google Accounts from your old device into your new one. With the Lollipop, it is as simple as activating NFC and port over your old data instantly.

3. Ambient Display
This other great tool on the Lollipop lightens up the device whenever it is lifted from the table or exiting your pocket. That way, you won’t have to press on the power button again.

4. Android Beam
While it might not be new, the new and improved Beam on the Lollipop makes it much easier to share large files between devices.

5. Smart Lock
This feature allows you to bypass your device’s lock screen by using voice. However, it requires the smartphone to be paired to an active Bluetooth headset where users can try out speech passwords.

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