Amazon’s Cyber Monday & Tech Tuesday Deals: Galaxy Note 4, Note 3…

It is Cyber Monday today and it is the biggest opportunity for consumers to shop for products at promotional price. It is also considered as a second chance for consumers that have missed out on some Black Friday deals.

Today, we are going to explore the promotions on smartphones taking place at Amazon and they are too good to ignore. AT&T, in particular, is offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from $0 to $799.99, depending on the price plan which consumers get with the device.

In addition to that, AT&T is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from $0 to $564.99. The 32GB phablet, like its successor, will also have its price tag determined by the price plan consumers opt for.

Of course, the deals are not limited to AT&T. Both Sprint and Verizon are also offering some promotions too. Sprint, in particular, is selling the Note 3 from $0.01 to $599.99, and the Note 4 from $199.99 to $720.

As for Verizon, they are letting go of the Frost White 32HGB Galaxy Note 4 from $199.99 to $699.99 and the Note 3 from $0.01 to $699.99.

All the deals are taking place at Verizon and will last through the week. Also, the deals are on a while stock last basis. So if you’re planning to get a Samsung Note, there is no better opportunity than now.

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