Amazon’s Cyber Monday Galaxy Note 4 & Note 3 Promo!

Black Friday might be great but it is too bad that the happening only last for a day. This is what makes Cyber Monday special as most of its promotions last a whole period instead of just being for one day.

This year’s Cyber Monday saw a lot of price dips but nothing is able to beat Amazon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 prices. The online retailer is currently offering both phablets for a steal but their prices are determined by the carrier of choice and the contract.

For example, AT&T is offering the Note 4 with a range price of $0 to $799.99. The former comes with the most expensive price plan with AT&T while the latter is the unlocked price. The Note 3 enjoys a similar promotion with prices starting at $0 and capped at $599.99.

Over at Sprint, the Note 3 is selling from $0.01 to $599.99. Again, the former comes with the high-end contracts while the latter is for the unlocked model. As for the Note 4, pricing starts at $199.99 and is capped at $720.00. Sprint also warned the shoppers that stocks are very limited so consumers should act fast.

Finally is Verizon. The Big Red carrier is selling away the Note 3 from $199.99 to $699.99. The Note 3, on the other hand, retails from $0.01 to $699.99.

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