Amazon Galaxy Note 4 & Note 3 From Cyber Monday Still Available

The best thing about Cyber Monday is that it normally stretches all through the December holiday period as part of a joint promotion. Even today, Amazon is still putting up its Cyber Monday deals and consumers can get to enjoy some big savings when purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3.

Both devices are being offered together with a carrier that includes AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. For AT&T, the Note 4 is offered from $0 to $799.99. The retail price depends on the contract price plan that is picked up with the purchase with the highest plan resulting to the Note 4 going away at no charge whatsoever. As for the Note 3, it is being offered from $0 to $549.99.

Sprint, on the other hand, is offering the Note 3 from $0 to $599.99. Again, the pricing is determined by the contract picked up with the device. The Note 3 being offered will be carrier locked and black in colour. As for the Note 4, only the frosted white 32GB model is available and it retails from $199.99 to $720.

Finally, there is Verizon. The Big Red carrier is offering the 32GB Note 4 frosted white model from $199.99 to $699.99. Meanwhile, the black 32GB Note 3 is offered from $0.01 to $699.99.

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