Allison Road: P.T. Wannabe Gets A Second Chance

you can’t really talk about Allison Road without somebody mentioning P.T. Some might call Allison Road the spiritual successor of P.T but we all know that it is far from that. It felt more like it was trying to give us what Konami did not and now we get to see if they are able to it or not.

Back in June, it was announced that the game will be cancel and now, creator of the game Christian Kesler has come out to announce that they have revived the game. The game will be developed by Far From Home, a new label founded by the creator and his wife.

According to the creator, he has decided to work on the game on his own which means we probably will not see it until a few years later. From what we saw so far, the game looks really promising but whether they are able to match what P.T has to offer in a whole other story.

How many of you are actually hoping that this game would be a success?

Steven Estevez

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