Alien: Isolation Blanks Filled In

We would say that the story of the Alien: Isolation game was pretty solid but some people did notice that there seem to be a few holes that the game failed to fill in. Well, that was because there were suppose to be more but the developers decided not to include them in the final version of the game.

Web developer Matt Flier was digging through the files of Alien: Isolation and they manage to find some extra dialogues and audio that was not in the game. While the dialogue won’t have much about the ending of the game, it does give fans a better insight on the game.

Among the files were about Sevastopol and the events that happen at Sevastopol before Ripley arrived. There were also files on a few other characters in the game besides Ripley.

If you wold like to check out all the files and audio, you can listen to them here.

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