Alien: Covenant Should Scare Like Prometheus

Fans of the Alien franchise can’t wait to see what the new movie, Alien: Covenant will be offering this time around and while we still do not know much about the upcoming movie, the new poster does suggest that we are in for an intense and scary movie this time around.

According to Fassbender, who will be playing two robots in the movie, Ridley has brought back the whole horror element that was such a huge part of the Alien franchise in the past and he also made sure that the new movie had the scale that Prometheus had.

When the movie was first announced, it was said that the movie will only be released in October 2017 but the release date was later pushed forward to August and now the new poster confirms that we will be seeing the movie by May next year.

If you are a fan, you might want to mark down the 19th of May. Protection Status