[ALERT] Your Google Password Can Be Change Via Android Phone Connection Alone

If you have plenty of sensitive information stored in your Google account, then you are at risk of losing it all. It seems there is a flaw in Google’s security system that enables any individuals to bypass the password prompt.

When on an Android device, all the person has to do is tap on forget password. There, the person will have to select “I don’t know” and confirm their decision. On the following prompt, the person will simply key in the new password.

Once this is done, the stranger can browse through your email and other Google accounts. This is a massive loophole that Android-users need to be more aware off. There is a solution for this and it is 2-step verification from Google.

Installing it will prevent passwords from being re-created easily. The solution will send the new password to a backup email address which can only be accessed by the original user.

With that being said, do not leave your smartphone like an open book. Go get it secured with Google’s 2-step verification now.

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