5 Ways OS X Is Better Than Windows 8.1

It seems that Microsoft is on a suicide mission after it releases the Windows 8. For years now, Windows have been more favourable than Apple’s OS X but now, the tables are turning. Following the arrival of the Windows 8, Apple launched the OS X which is tons better than the former. Here are 5 pointers to back this claim.

1. The OS X, unlike Windows, is more exclusive as it is offered only on Apple products. This means that the OS X runs on better hardwares while also being integrated well, not like Windows 8 and the many OEMs.

2. Also, the OS X offers the best battery life in the world of laptops. This is proven by the latest 13” MacBook Pro that offers more than 10 hours of usage time. The best from Windows 8 is the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 and that only lasts 7 hours and 10 minutes.

3. As mentioned before, the OS X is an exclusive program. With no OEM involved, the OS X is hence free of bloatwares.

4. Whenever a new OS is out, Apple will send out the update for free. Microsoft, on the other hand, charges consumers for every new Windows released.

5. The OS X actually detailed out whenever an update is available. This way, users get an idea on the duration of the installation, the size of the update and also the things that comes with the update. Admit it, Windows 8 users wish Microsoft does the same for their updates.

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