5 Simple Ways To Save On Data Usage

The biggest problem for every smartphone user is with the data bundled on their price plan. It seems that users always exhaust their data even when they have adopted a thrifty attitude. We saw this growing problem and wish to share the 5 methods that can greatly save your data. Here they are.

1. Data Tracking
Make it a habit to always check the apps that are feeding on your data. If they exceed their boundaries, you can restrict the app from getting any further data.

2. Data Compressing
Try Onavo and Onavo Extend. They will compress every incoming and outgoing data which will save about 20% of your bundled data.

3. Preload Media
Whenever on a Wi-Fi network, load as much possible things like webpages, music and videos. That way, you don’t need to access them when on the go.

4. Slow Speed
Avoid using 4G as the faster the connection is, the more you can things you can browse in a short time.

5. Turn Off Mobile Data
This is the most important of them all. When not using your device, switch off the Mobile Data and see a massive decrease in data usage.


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