5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Revolutionary Functions Worth Noting

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is truly the highlight of 2014. Even though the smartphone does not come with the best specs when compared to its rivals, the S5 is still the king in the market as it has so many features and functions to share. Today, we are going to explore on 5 features that are unknown by the masses.

1. Fingerprint Scanner
This feature has returned on the S5 and instead of just being an innovated way of unlocking the device, the fingerprint scanner is certified for use to confirm i-banking transactions like PayPal.

2. Download Booster
Personally, this is our favourite feature. The Download Booster simply enhances the speed of a download by utilizing two connection channels. The primary channel is the WiFi and the secondary channel is the cellular data. A 2GB movie only consumes about 5 minutes to complete downloading.

3. Water Proof
The fact that the S5 is water proof makes it one of the most appealing smartphones around. No longer do users have to worry about getting dunked inside the pool on a birthday party since the S5 is capable of handling the water well.

4. 4K Video
The S5 can record videos in 4K resolution. While it might not be an in-thing now, this feature of the near future can keep the S5 from going outdated quickly.

5. Battery Saving Mode
Activating this feature will allow hours of extra battery life from just 1% of usage. However, doing so will restrict the phone functions to basic calling and messaging. Also, the screen will go grey to limit colours and minimize power usage.

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