5 Of The Best Music Streaming & Download Apps On Android

Gone were the days of connecting your Android smartphone and tablet on your computer to transfer some fresh new music as now, everything can be done with apps. In fact, we have got 5 of the best apps that’ll stream and download music for you. They are as follow:

1. Free Music Download
The app has only two tabs, ‘Search’ and ‘Files’. In the former, users search for the music they wish to download and once the download is completed, it will be listed in the latter.

2. Music Search
Similar to the above, this app seeks out your favourite songs and comes with the downloading option. Also, you can play the song even before it starts downloading.

3. Music Download Paradise
This app is also similar to the above two. However, it comes with an added share feature.

4. Music Maniac
This app is very detailed when it comes to finding your songs. It has a complex search system that narrows down the results to artists, genre or even album.

5. Free MP3 Download
This is a super simple app that searches your song and downloads them with a single tap.

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