5 Android Tips & Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

Almost every Android smartphone and tablet today runs on the Android 4.0 and above. Surprisingly, many of the users are not aware on how to take total control of their device. Put away that “all I need is the Twitter app” attitude and start learning the 5 important functions of the Android OS.

1. App Notification
It always irritates the users when an unused app hogs on the notification bar. Well, you can stop it for good by long-tapping on the notification and choose app info. Uncheck the show notification and it should be gone for good.

2. Better Battery Life
Not every second of your life requires you to stay connected to the internet. At any of those moment, switch off your mobile data to see a massive extension in your battery life.

3. Auto-Update
Without your awareness, the apps in your device actually update itself which can cause massive data waste. Disable it by going to the Play Store Settings> Auto –update Apps> Do not auto-update apps.

4. Android Update
Check if there is an OS update for your device by going to Settings> About Phone> System Updates> Check Now. Make sure you are on a Wi-Fi network when doing so.

5. Auto-correction
How many memes on Auto-Correct must you view before you realize that it is a sucky feature? Remove it at Settings> Language & Input> settings icon on the keyboard of choice> Auto-correction> Off

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