2020 Volkswagen EV: Forget About Diesel

After the whole mess they’ve created last year when the diesel scandal was revealed, Volkswagen have been trying to get us to put that whole incident behind us and it looks like they are planning to do so by promising us a Volkswagen EV by 2020.

According to Wall Streat Journal, the Volkswagen EV will be heading into production by the end of this decade and that we should be seeing more than one EV models heading for production.

We know that Volkswagen has been making some pretty bold claims about their EV future. They announce that they plan to offer about 30 electric powered models withing the next decade. It is also believed that some of these new electric motor powered vehicles will be produced in Mexico or Tennessee.

Volkswagen has not really made their mark in the EV market with only the e-Golf to offer so far. Do you think they will deliver?