2020 Nissan GT-R Will Electrifying Future

There were already talks about Nissan looking to offer their Nissan GT-R as a hybrid model and it looks like there might be some new evidence pointing towards a hybrid powered Nissan GT-R.

According to Shiro Nakamura, electrification is inevitable and he added that by the time the Nissan GT-R comes with a hybrid engine, nobody would really be surprised as all.

Seeing as the new model will most likely be arriving in 2020, hybrid and electric powered model should be a lot more common. Nakamura made it clear that their goal for the Nissan GT-R was to improve its efficiency along with its performance.

Some people are not surprised that a hybrid engine might be in the future of the Nissan GT-R since the vehicle is always known for having the latest technology. Others seem to think that the Nissan GT-R will not benefit from the hybrid engine as it will be heavier with the hybrid engine.

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