2020 Lotus Elise: Won’t Recognize it

We all saw the Elise Concept that Lotus showed off a few years ago. Well, Lotus will be working on a new Lotus Elise that will be arriving in 2020 but doesn’t expect the production model to look like the concept because Lotus has announced that the production model will not look like the concept but will come with a new lightweight design.

It has been speculated that the supposedly wider Lotus Elise will weight about 1984 pounds when it arrives. Under the hood of the Lotus Elise will sit a Toyota engine that will be offering about 134hp to 245hp. The engine should also be fitted with a manual or auto transmission.

Not only is Lotus trying to keep the Lotus Elise light but they are also hoping that the new Lotus Elise will be able to come with a more affordable price tag. The Lotus Elise is expected to arrive in 2020.

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