2020 Lexus Hydrogen Will Be Over-styled & Super Niche

Automakers seem to be shifting their attention to EV models now and that includes Toyota but the same cannot be said about Lexus.

According to Auto Express, Lexus does not think that EV engines are going to be as good as the gasoline engine and that going hydrogen might be the better bet that that is where they kill be heading in the future.

It is believed that Lexus has only a few more minor hurdles to clear before they can start offering these new Hydrogen-powered Lexus model. One of their main concern right now is fitting the tech into a normal size car. They added that fitting it into an SUV is easy but they still need to get the performance level just right for their premium models.

If everything goes according to plan, it is said that we might see these hydrogen powered Lexus by 2020. As exciting as that sound, the consumers are still not convinced. A lot of them seems to think that the vehicle will only cater to a niche market and since this is Lexus after all, the hydrogen-powered model will also come with an overstyled exterior.

What do you think?

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