2020 Jaguar SUV EV Ditches E-Pace For XE

Talks about Jaguar working on a new SUV EV have been going around for some time now and now, new images of what looks like the upcoming electric-powered SUV from Jaguar has been released online.

The SUV, codenamed Jaguar X590 was spotted by spies. Based on the images, the new SUV will look like a shorter version of the F-Pace. It was initially predicted that the new SUV will be based on the E-Pace model but new reports seem to suggest that the Jaguar SUV will be coming with the XE architecture since that platform was designed with EV in mind right from the start.

It is believed that the upcoming EV powered SUV could be coming with four inboard electric motors but no confirmation was ever made. The new EV powered SUV will be coming in to compete with models like the Tesla Model X.

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