2019 Toyota Supra Making It Over As A Lexus

Toyota will be working with BMW to come out with the next Toyota Supra and the fans cannot be happier. We do not know much about the Toyota Supra right now but some people are speculating on whether Toyota would give the Supra a Lexus badge so that it can come in to compete with the Corvette.

We do not know much about Toyota’s plan for the Supra right now but we do not think the Lexus badge is part of its future.Reports have been suggesting that the Toyota Supra could be coming in with both four and six cylinder engines. It is said that the top of the range engine could end up offering about 400hp and 300lb ft of torque.

It is believed that the Toyota Supra could be coming in with a $40k price tag and that it will be arriving as a 2019 model. BMW will also be offering a similar model that will come in to replace the BMW Z4.

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